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Our Food Handler Course is best in class, nationally recognized, ANSI-accredited, comprehensive training course designed for all food handlers. Our course was developed by experts in the food industry. Once completed, you will earn a food handler card that will benefit you in your career.

Chef throws pizza dough

After completing this food handler course and exam you will feel confident in your ability to safely handle food using the correct and current food safety protocols. Earn your food handler card through our simple yet comprehensive online course.

Our Food Handler Course Is:

  • Interactive, self-paced and 100% mobile-friendly training. Compatible with desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet devices
  • No additional materials are required to complete the course except your chosen technology described above.
  • Nationally recognized ANAB-Accredited Food Handler Course
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Up-to-date with  FDA Food Codes
  • Approximately 80 minutes duration with a 40-question final exam
  • 5-year food handler card / certificate upon successful completion
  • 3-year in states that only recognize that period of time ie. New Mexico
  • Five Course Objectives:
    • Basic Food Safety
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Cross-Contamination
    • Time and Temperature for Safety
    • Cleaning and Sanitizing
team cooks and chefs preparing meals

This course will prepare you to become a responsible food handler. A “food handler” is considered someone who works in the food industry in a non-managerial role.

Food Handlers typically:

  • Have a role in protecting the public from foodborne illness
  • Reduce risks of consuming unsafe food in a facility
  • Cook, prepare, prep, serve food in a public environment

By the end of this course and the award of your food handler card, you will be able to:

  • Describe how food can make people sick after being contaminated by physical, chemical, or biological hazards.
  • Identify symptoms, diagnoses, or illness exposure that must be reported to a manager according to the FDA Food Code.
  • Understand the behavior of food handlers and how it directly affects the safety of food.
  • Keep hands and body clean to prevent contaminating food and food -contact surfaces.
  • Use appropriate barriers to prevent bare -hand-contact with food.
  • Identify the appropriate time and temperature requirements for keeping food safe during specific stages in the flow of meals.
  • Describe how to keep the workplace and equipment clean.

Print your Food Handler Card immediately upon successful completion of the training and online exam!

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